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Our Medical Billing Services


Enhance your patient care and leave the billing to us. We resolve billing complexities and errors with heightened accuracy, ensuring compliance and boosting collections. Our team stays updated with the latest billing terminologies and regulations, providing a seamless billing process from claim submission to payment reconciliation. 

Billing Audit

Our Medical Billing Audits ensure your billing practices are accurate and compliant, identifying potential revenue losses and areas for improvement. We conduct thorough reviews of your billing records, uncovering discrepancies and optimizing your revenue cycle for maximum efficiency and profitability. 


Our denial management services reduce rejections by addressing the root causes and ensuring claims are processed and paid promptly. We analyze denial patterns, implement corrective actions, and engage with payers to resolve issues swiftly, improving your reimbursement rates. 

Account Receivable Management

We accurately manage your accounts receivable, optimizing cash flow and ensuring timely collections. Our strategic follow-ups and negotiations with insurers expedite payments, maintaining a healthy financial status for your practice and reducing the burden of outstanding receivables.

Credentialing &

Streamline your credentialing process with our expertise, ensuring compliance and efficient enrollment with payers. We handle all the paperwork and follow up diligently to secure your participation in various insurance networks, enhancing your practice's accessibility and reputation. 

Eligibility & Benefit Verification

We handle the verification of benefits to ensure coverage and reduce patient out-of-pocket costs. Our detailed verification process verifies benefits, improving patient satisfaction and reducing financial uncertainties for both your practice and your patients. 


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